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Online resources for hyperlexia

Hyperlexia, characterized by advanced reading skills coupled with language comprehension and social communication challenges, requires specialized resources for effective support and management. Numerous online resources provide valuable information, support groups, and practical strategies for parents, educators, and caregivers. Here is a comprehensive guide to some of the best online resources for hyperlexia.

1. Hyperlexia Parents Network

This Facebook group is a robust community where parents can share experiences, ask questions, and receive support from others dealing with hyperlexia. It's a great place to find practical advice, resources, and emotional support.

2. And Next Comes L

This website offers a wealth of resources for parents and educators of children with hyperlexia. It includes articles on identifying hyperlexia, teaching strategies, and managing related challenges. The site also features printable activities and eBooks tailored to hyperlexic children.

3. The Autism Helper

While primarily focused on autism, this website provides numerous resources that are applicable to children with hyperlexia. It offers teaching materials, strategies for improving reading comprehension, and tools for enhancing social skills. The site also includes a blog with insights and tips from professionals in the field.

4. Sue Larkey

Website: Sue Larkey

Sue Larkey is an educator and autism specialist who provides a variety of resources for supporting children with hyperlexia. Her website includes webinars, articles, and practical guides on how to help children with advanced reading abilities but challenges in comprehension and social interaction.

5. Autism Speaks

Website: Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks offers extensive resources for families dealing with autism and related conditions like hyperlexia. The site features toolkits, resource guides, and access to a broad network of support services. Their online community forum is also a valuable place for connecting with other parents and professionals.

6. International Dyslexia Association (IDA)

Although focused on dyslexia, the IDA provides resources that can be beneficial for hyperlexic children, particularly in understanding and supporting advanced reading skills. The site includes research articles, instructional strategies, and information on the latest developments in reading and language education.

7. Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets is a comprehensive resource for parents and educators focused on early reading skills. It offers research-based strategies, book recommendations, and instructional tips that can help support hyperlexic children in developing both their reading and comprehension skills.

8. LD OnLine

Website: LD OnLine

This site is dedicated to learning disabilities and provides a wealth of resources on reading and language development. It includes articles, expert advice, and a forum where parents can connect with others facing similar challenges.

9. The Hyperlexia Handbook

This site offers a practical guide to understanding and supporting children with hyperlexia. It includes strategies for teaching reading comprehension, social skills development, and language acquisition. The handbook is a valuable tool for parents and educators seeking to support hyperlexic children effectively.


Navigating the complexities of hyperlexia can be challenging, but these online resources provide invaluable support and information. From community groups and expert advice to practical teaching strategies, these websites offer comprehensive tools to help children with hyperlexia thrive. By leveraging these resources, parents and educators can better understand and meet the unique needs of hyperlexic children, fostering their development and success.

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