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Hyperlexia Specialists Near Me: A Guide for Parents

Hyperlexia, characterized by advanced reading skills at an early age, can be challenging for parents to navigate. Identifying the right specialists is crucial for proper diagnosis and support. This guide highlights some of the best hyperlexia specialists and centers across the USA to help parents find the support they need.

Notable Hyperlexia Experts

1. Phyllis Kupperman Phyllis Kupperman is the founder of the Center for Speech and Language Disorders. She has extensive experience working with hyperlexic children and has authored several resources on the subject. Her work is highly regarded in the hyperlexia community, and many families have benefited from her expertise.

2. Dr. Darold Treffert Dr. Darold Treffert is renowned for his research on hyperlexia, particularly his classification of its three types. His insights and publications have been pivotal in understanding the nuances of hyperlexia and its differentiation from other developmental disorders like autism.

Specialized Centers

Skyline Development Center Located in Pharr, Texas, the Skyline Development Center offers a range of services for children with developmental disorders, including hyperlexia. Their programs include speech and language therapy, family training, and comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis services. The center is led by experienced professionals like Amy Peña, M.S., CCC-SLP, who is dedicated to early childhood development and autism services​ (Skyline Development )​.

Finding Local Specialists Parents can also search for local specialists through resources such as Psychology Today's therapist directory. This tool allows you to find child and adolescent therapists who can conduct evaluations and provide therapy for hyperlexic children​ (Psychology Today)​.

Steps to Take

  1. Consult Your Pediatrician: Your child's pediatrician can provide referrals to specialists who are experienced in diagnosing and treating hyperlexia.

  2. Research and Contact Experts: Reach out to well-known experts like Phyllis Kupperman and Dr. Darold Treffert for insights and potential consultations.

  3. Join Support Groups: Engaging with other parents through support groups can provide valuable advice and emotional support. Many parents share their experiences and recommend specialists they have worked with.

Online Resources

In addition to in-person specialists, numerous online resources can provide guidance and support:

  • And Next Comes L: This website offers a wealth of information on hyperlexia, including personal stories and expert advice​ (And Next Comes L - Hyperlexia Resources)​.

  • Psychology Today: Their articles and therapist directory can help you understand hyperlexia and find local specialists for further evaluation and therapy​ (Psychology Today)​.


Navigating hyperlexia can be complex, but with the right specialists and resources, parents can ensure their children receive the support they need. Whether through renowned experts, specialized centers, or online resources, there are many avenues to explore. By taking proactive steps, you can help your child thrive and harness their unique reading abilities.

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