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Beyond 1-on-1 Therapy

CSLD’s Language to Literacy Programs are founded on the belief that most often literacy problems are rooted in language deficits, and in order to read fluently with accurate comprehension, children need to have a strong core of foundational language skills. School-age children enrolled in our Language to Literacy Program receive intensive individual and group treatment for language-based literacy disorders.  Our Leap into Literacy preschool-age program focuses on establishing a strong foundation of early literacy skills in order to set the stage for success with later school-age reading.  All classes are led by two specially trained speech-language pathologists and one clinical aide. Activities focus on auditory processing, phonological awareness, phonics, receptive/expressive language, reading, and spelling. Students are taught skills in an explicit, hierarchical way through engaging, multi-sensory activities. In order to enhance success, parents receive regular consultations with speech-language pathologists to discuss the youth’s strengths and weaknesses, create individualized program goals, and receive instruction on helping with homework assignments. 

Two programs are being offered:  Leap into Literacy for youth ages 3-5 and Language to Literacy for youth ages 6 - 18.  Click on the program name to learn more. Click here to download a brochure providing an overview of both programs.


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